Trades of Hope – Founded by Women For Women

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In researching and writing my last blog, I discovered there are many jewelry companies that donate and give back to their communities. I would like to showcase these worthy companies in my blog. Today I would like to recognize Trades of Hope. This is a company founded by women to help women live the lives they were created to live. This company helps women globally who are rising out of poverty, giving them the opportunity to provide food, education, and health care for their families, and expose them to a like-minded community where they can make an impact and earn a decent income.

Trades of Hope empowers women to break the cycle of poverty by having the opportunity to send their children to school. Keeping families together by helping women earn a living wage is empowering as well. It also makes women less vulnerable to human trafficking, less desperate to fall into dangerous behavior.

Trades of Hope was formed in 2010 by four women to create jobs for female artisans around the world. They feature jewelry, handbags, apparel, and home décor. You can become an ethical shopper creating more orders and you can be a party hostess creating more jobs for more women who want an opportunity.

They value people by investing in the artisans and their products, treating them with dignity and as equal business partners. They challenge artisans to take pride in their own work and to continue to grow. Community givebacks build relationships. They abide by fair trade principles. They encourage artisans to preserve and celebrate their cultures in the products they make. The artisans determine the price of their goods based on what they need to build sustainable businesses or simply feed their families.

Trades of Hope has touched many countries all over the world, including Cambodia, Philippines, Thailand, Vietnam, India, Peru, Mexico, Uganda, Nepal, Kenya, Jordan, and the United States. The list gets bigger every day as women find their worth for themselves and for their families.